Tourism Partners, Landowners & the Conservancy

MNC is a partnership between 12 Tourism Partners and 767 landowners. Each of these TPs pays a monthly fee per bed to MNC to assist with operational management and cater for the lease fees paid to landowners. The conservancy through subsequently elected board members ensures the conservancy model is followed to the letter and that the local community’s economic & social needs are met while at the same time conserving the exceptional biodiversity of the Mara ecosystem.

Conservancy Herd Mobile Bomas

MNC in partnership with landowner committees, and other tourism partners, works to maintain the conservancy herd with the landowners, building mobile bomas that are predator-proof, to ensure landowners’ cattle are well protected from livestock predation. These Bomas are also well looked after to curb the spread of diseases within the herds and within the communities’ cattle ensuring healthy herds to support the Maasai communities’ culture & lifestyle.

Maasai Child Herder Cattle Cows Community

Our Partners & Their Projects

Collaborative Partnerships in Conservation & Ecosystem Management

MNC & Mara Elephant Project

Elephants are a keystone species to this ecosystem and when poaching emerged as the number one threat in 2012 MEP took action to successfully combat this global threat. Today, the drastic expansion of the human footprint in the region is causing a devastating loss of habitat, which means MEP must expand its mission and goals to save Mara’s wildlife and wild spaces. Mara North Conservancy in partnership with Mara Elephant Project works to protect these vulnerable African elephants and their habitats

MNC & Mara predator Conservation Program

MPCP is a Kenya Wildlife Trust initiative, in conjunction with the Mara conservancies, providing evidence-based, practical management recommendations, solutions and ideas by bringing together two flagship predator conservation projects (focusing on lion and cheetah), into one long-term conservation commitment


MMWCA’s vision is to encourage a vibrant and unified Mara ecosystem where the community and wildlife coexist sustainably for the prosperity of all through growing and strengthening Mara Conservancies for wildlife and livelihood improvement.

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